XF type air separator (vertical) product introduction:
             The main use of XF series wind selection machine of Hai Shan medicine machine: used for the selection of medicinal materials, drinking slices or similar materials, cold Gao and so on, especially the mixture of the packing density and wind resistance of the selected materials and materials, in which XFW is a variable frequency horizontal winder, which is mainly suitable for the selection of raw materials and can be divided into the bulk density and wind resistance. Multiple grades; type XFL is frequency conversion vertical winnowing machine; type XFXB is air suction type winnowing machine, which is mainly suitable for chips, hair sorting and cooling.


          The main features of XF series wind selection machine are:
             Automatic feeding, continuous operation, variable frequency and non-polar air regulation, high precision, strong applicability and GMP requirements. Among them, XFW winnowing machine can be equipped with dust remover to avoid dust pollution.



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