ZQRZG intelligent linear reciprocating cutting machine products:
                This product is used for cutting all leaves, skins, roots, rattan, grass and fruits, seeds, herbs or agricultural and sideline products. It can cut slices, sections, strips and other common pieces in the range of 0.5-30mm and polygonal granules in 0.5-30mm.

              The main features of the ZQRZG intelligent linear reciprocating cutter are:
                The digital control program operates with high accuracy. The stability is good. Work continuously. Automatic feed quantity, suitable for cutting granules and delicate pieces. The loss rate of cut slices is less than 3%, the incision is smooth and the shape is good, the whole machine is easy to clean, easy to operate and easy to maintain. No pollution of material. It meets the requirements of GMP.

              The principle of ZQRZG intelligent linear reciprocating cutting machine is as follows:
                The control module monitors and controls the frequency converter and the controller according to the program compiled by the microcomputer system. Accept the man-machine interface and the position sensing signal of the cutter. The parameters of the control module can be set up through the human-machine interface. The stepping speed and slice thickness of the cutter mechanism are controlled by the control module.


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                   ZQRZG-300BC 20-500 0.5-100 2.6/200 264 1.9×0.82×1.6 500
                   ZQRZG-500BC 50-700 0.5-100 4.4/220 464 1.9×1.02×1.6 600