ZX type steam medicine box (steam, electric heating) main use:
It is used for steaming (boiling) processing of Chinese herbal medicines or other agricultural products.

The main features of ZX type steaming medicine box (steam and electric heating) are:
Steam is used to heat the material directly from the basket, which is easy to steam through. The water level of the electrothermal or electric steam dual-use medicine box is matched. Automatic temperature control system: steam or telegram dual purpose medicine box equipped with pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, easy to control, avoid accidents. The big car loads the material. From the front of the box. The car is not landing, it is easy to operate and meets GMP requirements.


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     ZXD-500 500 电热型 15/380 320 1.3×1.2×1.5 不锈钢
     ZXZ-1000 1000 蒸汽型   15/380 460 1.5×1.0×1.5 不锈钢
     ZXL-1000 1000 电气两用型   15/380 460 1.5*1.0*1.5 不锈钢
     ZXZ-2000 2000 蒸汽型  15/380 600 2.0×1.2×1.8 不锈钢